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Officers and Committee Members


co-Presidents:                                                 Janis Snider &   
                                                                     Pauline Stewart

First Vice President:                                         Jan Wright-Weimer

Second Vice President:                                     Sandra King      

Third Vice President:                                  Elizabeth Louis-Ferdinand
                                                                     & Suzie Smith

Recording Secretary:                                       Rebecca Simmons     

Treasurer:                                                       Donna Elliott


GFWC Signature Project:

Domestic Violence Awareness and

Prevention Club Chairwoman:                         Jan Wright-Weimer


GFWC Community Services Programs:

Arts Chairwoman:                                              

Conservation Chairwoman:                            Jan Wright-Weimer

Education Chairwoman:                               Peggy Schlegelmilch

Home Life:                                                             Donna Elliot

Health:                                                       Margaret Alexander

International Outreach:                                          

Public Issues:                                                Rebecca Simmons


GFWC Advancement Areas:

Communications and Public Relations:                    Amanda Miller

Leadership:                                                             Suzie Smith

Legislation and Public Policy:                                       


Women's History and Resource Center:                   Amanda Miller


Fundraising and Development:                        Marty Monts, Suzie

                                                                Smith, Madalin Bickel


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